Mobile Cryptopia for iOS
Cryptopia Exchange provided a special service, which allow to connect your account from Mobile devices by using communication protocol, called Private API.
In order to allow Mobile Cryptopia iOS application to access your account data via this API, it is necessary to configure access to Cryptopia Private API on your account Security page. Follow step by step instructions to allow access:

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Cryptopia Mobile
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How to configure access to your account
Access Cryptopia from mobile device
Login to your Cryptopia account
Go to Account page and select "Security"
Enter your pin and continue
Under "Account Security" your will see "Api Settings" block
Click "Enable API" to allow access
It is strongly recommend to leave unchecked "Enable Withdrawal" and "Allow unsafe withdraw" - first of all, it not necessary for Mobile Cryptopia application, because Mobile Cryptopia does not supports in any way withdrawal operations for Cryptopia Exchange account. And second - it not safe in case somebody will take control over your device and somehow will get access to your Api Keys.
In order to get your Keys it is necessary to press "New Key" button.
Press "Save Changes" to activate Cryptopia Api Keys.
Copy your Api Key and Api Secret to safe place.
Go to "Mobile Cryptopia" application
Select "Account" page
Copy on your phone Api Key and Api Secret strings and paste to appropriate fields
Press "Validate" button to make sure your copied correct values and Cryptopia Api activated
If you get error message - please review you data and make sure you copied correct values and Api Usage allowed on Cryptopia Exchange account
Ones you get message - "API Key and Secret successfully validated" - press "Save" button to securely store Api Keys to iPhone's key chain and access your account data
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